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Seeing your story as part of the Gospel

Inception: A glimpse into the power of imagination as gifted by God

I have to start by saying that I loved the movie. From the start to the end it had me intrigued. In some ways it reminded me of the matrix, and in most ways it surpassed it. The special effects... Continue Reading →


Tonight I was reading through the book Doctrine by Mark Driscoll and came across the idea of Satan and how he will gladly give us sex, money, power, pleasure, fame, fortune, and relationships because his goal is for us to... Continue Reading →

Church in Yokosuka Japan

The Japan Countdown (T-Minus 33days) So I attended my fist church service on the navy base here in Japan and I was very impressed. It wasn’t the music, which was good but not great, it wasn’t the song choice, which... Continue Reading →

God in Japan

So with my time over here I have been able to take the plunge and get a DSLR camera. The base I am working out sells them and it is tax free, which makes for a sweet deal. With this... Continue Reading →

Life Together

Thoughts on life work and the great commission Work. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this word is a repulsive reaction. I think about days that turn into months that turn into years of doing... Continue Reading →

Japan Countdown!

The Japan Countdown (T-Minus 50days) Here it finally is, I wanted to do a post about once a week on my thoughts on Japan and how everything on this extended work trip is going so far and this is the... Continue Reading →

The next two months

The blog is coming. The concept of 28|19 media hasn’t changed, its just being fleshed out, with the unnecessary things dropped and the skills, by Gods grace, improving! In this post I wanted to spell out, more to help me... Continue Reading →

The Tablet I would buy

With all the hype about how amazing the Ipad is, I had some thoughts about what would have to be in a tablet PC for me to buy it. While I think the Ipad is neat, that is just it,... Continue Reading →

More work on the way, gotta love it!

The updates have been way to long in the making, but I finally got the re-build of my computer done and it is up and running faster than ever.  I also finished the editing the El Salvador Video and will... Continue Reading →

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