Japan Countdown (T-Minus 13 Days)

A cute Teddy bear for the picture just for fun 😉 and I think there is time for at least two more of these Japan Updates. The best news first, I am down to under two weeks left here, and though I enjoy the work over here it will be very nice to come home to see Family and Friends! These past couple weeks have been great, with beach hikes, a Japanese baseball game, a couple trips to Yokohama, and lots of reading and praying! I have had a couple different ideas I wanted to write about, including “making much of God” about the disrespect we give to God every day, and also one based on some thoughts that I had as I listened to a Hillsong song on the train up to Yokohama today. The song was “we the redeemed” and I had a whole flood of different thoughts that will make for a great post, now if only I can remember them all!
My overall impression of Japan has been good, the Japanese hospitality and customer service makes most American shops and stores look downright rude. I did find one thing very interesting, and that is how private everyone can be even in an overcrowded city like Yokohama. Yes, when you walk into a store you will be greeted kindly and they will help you as best they can; but when your walking through the train station or on the street no one seems to look at or acknowledge anyone else. I am use to going on walks along the water with Anna and smiling and saying high to a lot of the people as you pass them. But here in Japan that never happens, as a habit I will smile at people if I make eye contact with them, but they just ignore it. And I don’t think it is because they are trying to ignore you or be rude to you, they are just very private people. This whole thing was reinforced today as I was on my way back to catch a train to Yokosuka-Chuo, the station where the base is. It was crowded in the station as usual and as I walked through I saw only one other American couple in the station and walked past them. The other guy saw me and we exchanged smiles and just a simple hi, and hey. And it made me smile to think about, just a little US hospitality in Japan.
I have been keeping up with a couple things while I have been here. The two I am most happy about are my prayer time and my reading. I start each day with a half hour prayer time and then a Bible reading time. Then after work in the evening I sit down for at least 30minutes to an hour of reading. I usually go to the gym after work because it’s free and has treadmills, a swimming pool, basketball courts an outdoor soccer field and a driving range. I usually work out a couple days in the week and on the other days either shoot some baskets or go to the driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls. Most of my nights are spent around the hotel, maybe a walk to the mall for an ice-cream cone, or around town to take some pictures. On the weekends I usually relax and maybe go see a sight or two. So overall very low key, the last couple times I have been out I simply started walking in a direction I hadn’t been for a while and saw what I saw. With 14 days left I have a couple projects I am working one that is video related and another that is gift related 😛 The video one is king of a collaboration of allot of the things I wanted to try and God gifted me this idea that tied them all into one project. So when that is done if it turns out the way I am praying it does it will get a couple of its own posts. The gifts are just some souvenirs and what not that I am looking at for different people when I get back, so if you are one of the lucky persons who will get one enjoy! That is all for now, the last update will be in a week or so, and then I will be home!


One comment

  1. Anna Timmer · August 17, 2010

    Cute picture! Your life in Japan sounds very relaxing :o)

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