The Japan Countdown (T-Minus 24 days)

It is past due for another Japan update so here it is in all its glory. First with the sad news, Anna is back home and has been there for a week and a half now and I miss her dearly. While she was over here the countdown wasn’t a huge thing because I saw her every day, but now I am all alone again so I have ample time to write these blog posts. As far as work goes my boss, at least while I am over here, flew back to the states a week ago for training so I get to set my own schedule even more than before which is good and bad. Good because it teaches me to stay focused and bad because without a lot of work that can be hard! This past Saturday (July 31st) I climbed Mt Fuji in Japan with 4 other guys from work. We did the climb in 5 hours and had a great time. It was actually a big answer to prayer because I had no idea how I would be affected by the lack of oxygen at a higher altitude. Besides a headache after an hour on the summit and some sore knees on the way down, I was fine! Praise God! It was really a fun experience and if you ever get the chance I recommend it. Sunday I went to church once again and enjoyed the worship and communion. The chaplain spoke on a passage out of 2 Chronicles 30 and though it wasn’t the greatest sermon I have ever heard it was encouraging and I learned a couple good lessons about myself as I listened to it. After church I went to see the movie Inception with a guy from work and I loved it! I wrote a whole blog post just for my thoughts on it, so go read that if you have seen the movie already. While Anna was still here we started watching lost and we really got into the first season, then when she left we decided to continue watching it “together”. So I finished it up yesterday and am looking forward to starting the next season. With all the time I now have after work and in the morning I have worked out a list of things I want to do before I leave and get home. Some of these are simple things like go paintballing at the bases paintball course or exercise every other day and hit 100 golf balls twice a week at the range. The list also includes finishing 3 books: a missionary biography my dad sent me, Unity of the Bible by Dan Fuller and Doctrine, which I am currently reading, by Mark Driscoll. So each day I have set aside 40minutes to an hour to read through these books. The morning time is also on the list, and has become a prayer time for me as I get up and first thing sit outside and pray and read a chapter or two in the Bible and get some quiet time to listen to what God wants to tell me. Other things on the list include going back to Tokyo to try and get some good videos for a Japan collage I want to put together while I am here, filming editing and finishing a short video on Psalm 1, and finishing out the design for this website, which is nearing completion, so that I could learn a little more about how to do it. Let me know if you like or don’t like this theme that I chose by the way. ? That’s about it for this update, have a great day in the Lord. -Josh


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