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Seeing your story as part of the Gospel

Stop using the Bible to defend your Political views

There are few things that can get under my skin more than the hypocrisy of how Christians and non-Christians alike use the Bible on social media. For all the benefits social media has heralded in this new age of connectedness... Continue Reading →

Finding our story in the Gospel Story

Our culture loves a good long as we can consume it in about 2 hours. Unfortunately when a story that covers years or even lifetimes is condensed to a 2 hour tour de force of amazing videography and dialogue, all we... Continue Reading →

Moved by the Cross (Book Review)

                      Only when we see ourselves as nothing does the Glory of Jesus as our all in all become everything to us! Have you ever been moved by the cross... Continue Reading →

To Belong!

While I was in Japan I wrote a blog post about the Song “We the Redeemed” and in that song is a line that goes: “Now forever to belong”.   (Read that post here) This past week I was thinking over... Continue Reading →


“Christian Music”, there are definitely a lot of things that can be said about that title.  Of course the music doesn’t have a soul and it can’t save you.  But when it comes to music and more specifically what music... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a Parable

This morning I opened my Bible to the Parable of the soils.  It is a very well know parable, but one that I too often just glance at and never really think about.  Today a couple things got my attention... Continue Reading →

That one moment

Have you ever had that moment?  The one where you are doing something normal or mundane and then with a thought or a song you have the clearest image in your head of Jesus and how Glorious He is and... Continue Reading →

Japan Countdown (T-Minus 13 Days)

A cute Teddy bear for the picture just for fun 😉 and I think there is time for at least two more of these Japan Updates. The best news first, I am down to under two weeks left here, and... Continue Reading →

The Japan Countdown (T-Minus 24 days)

It is past due for another Japan update so here it is in all its glory. First with the sad news, Anna is back home and has been there for a week and a half now and I miss her... Continue Reading →

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